Contemporary technologies are blurring the boundaries between human bodies and computational tools which are increasingly seen as integral extensions of our biological form. Relatedly, our orientation within geo-physical space is being complicated by mobile computing, ubiquitous data, and emerging concepts and technologies that merge elements of physical and virtual worlds. Through both performance-making and the coding of interactive tools, this cross-disciplinary course engages digital embodiment and the merging of physical and virtual objects and spaces.

We will use readymade and open-source environments with an emphasis on openFrameworks to explore technological components of mixed reality including 3-d, machine vision, gestural interfaces, and geo-locative computing. No previous programming experience is required and the course will nurture collaborations between performance-makers and creative coders.

Course Leaders: Judd Morrissey (ATS), Mark Jeffery (Performance), Abraham Avnisan (TA)

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