Art of Entanglement: Art & Technology Seminar is a space for the collective examination of contemporary practice through theories of human-machine symbiosis,  scientific documents from the history of electronics and computation, and the innovative works and proposals of emerging, established and peer artists within the evolving field(s) of art-technological practice. The seminar will be enriched by readings, visiting artists, and visits to exhibitions.

While drawing broadly from existing ideas and artworks, the seminar will concentrate on the technology-based art practices of participants through in-class presentations and critiques.  These activities will focus not just on the making of art, but on understanding and articulating one’s practice  within relational contexts – as an evolving individual expression engaged (and entangled) with a series of “external” agents that may include computational systems, peers and collaborators, historical and contemporary ideas, artistic precedents, archives of data, and cultural and scientific developments.

The seminar will present a rich and experimental environment for personal, theoretical and conceptual exploration while also importantly facilitating skills for thoughtful critique and the ability to communicate one’s artistic practice as a means of growing and sustaining in a professional context.


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